How to Treat and prevent the cancer.


#Cause of Cancer?


The primary cause of Cancer is a low immune system


Cancer (or any disease) simply cannot exist in someone with a healthy immune system.

Dr. Rashid Buttar said, “Cancer first and foremost is a problem with the immune system.  You cannot have cancer if you have an intact immune system.”

Everyone on this planet has cancer cells in their body. So why are some people “diagnosed” with cancer and others are never at risk for getting diagnosed with cancer? The main reason is that those who are diagnosed with cancer have a weak immune system. The immune system is generally weakened by microbes and parasites in the organs. These microbes and parasites steal nutrition from the cells in the organs and excrete highly acidic waste products, such as mycotoxins. This weakens the cells in the organs and thus weakens the immune system, thus allowing the number of cancer cells to grow out of control. Thus, the patient is “diagnosed” with cancer.


Bob Wright, the founder of the AACI (American Anti-Cancer Insitute) stated, “No doctor has ever healed anyone of anything in the history of the world; the human immune system heals and that is the only thing that heals.”


Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby stated, “Many people, I’m one of them, see cancer as basically a disease of the immune system. Especially in our modern world, I don’t think there is any way you are going to stop cells from firing off and going wrong and turning into rogue cells. There are just too many toxins. But a good immune system will pick them up very quickly and eliminate them. So in a very strong sense, cancer is a disease of the immune system. So, you want to do everything in your power to help the immune system; that means you know the right kind of nutrients that will help it. It also means removing the stresses that will stop it from working.”

Now there are many factors that can play into a weakened immune system, not enough sleep, stress, eating the wrong diet, not enough exercise, etc.


What causes cancer?

You would not believe how many emails we get from cancer patients who have gone through these three steps:

  • The patient had chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to treat their cancer;

  • The patient was told they were “cancer-free”;

  • Months later cancer “came back,” which is called “regression.”

Among other things, this article will explain what went wrong and how to prevent cancer from coming back. When talking about what causes cancer we need to talk about it at two different levels.

The first level is talking about cancer at the systemic level, meaning what conditions in the body allowed cancer to grow out of control and how do we deal with this issue.

The second level of talking about cancer is talking about what causes cancer at the cellular level. In other words, why does a healthy cell become cancerous?

As part of this, we will also discuss how to revert cancer cells into normal cells, which is one way to treat cancer. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol has more than a dozen treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Cancer on the systemic level

Everyone has cancer cells in their body, so why does one person never get diagnosed with cancer and another person is diagnosed with cancer? Cancer is almost always caused by the same multi-step sequence of events.

First, nasty microbes and parasites get inside of the organs and make their homes there. These microbes generally come from meat that was not adequately cooked, but they can come from other sources.

Second, these microbes intercept glucose which was headed for the cells in the organs.

Third, these microbes excrete (as waste products) mycotoxins, which are highly acid and totally worthless to the cells.

Fourth, because the cells (in the organs) don’t get the food they need (because it has been intercepted), and because they are living in a sea of filth (i.e. mycotoxins), the cells in the organ become weak.

Fifth, organs are made exclusively of cells. In other words, if you took all of the cells out of an organ, there would be no organ. Thus, because the cells in the organ(s) are weak, the organ(s) are weak.

Sixth, because one or more major organs are weak the immune system becomes weak. Actually, the microbes weaken the immune system both directly and indirectly.

Seventh, because the immune system is weak it cannot kill enough cancer cells and the cancer cells grow out of control.

Thus, in summary, the root cause of cancer is microbes and parasites that are in the organs or colon (or bloodstream), which weakens the immune system.

However, other things can cause cancer. For example, a vaccination can weaken the immune system due to mercury and / or toxins. Filth in the colon can also lead to a weak immune system (see the book: Fire in the Belly by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby)

Cancer patients who have microbes in the organs also have microbes in the bloodstream. Which caused the other will vary by the cancer patient. But microbes that originate in the organs will spread microbes to the bloodstream, and vice versa. Exactly how much the microbes in the organs weaken the immune system, versus how much the microbes in the bloodstream weaken the immune system varies by case, but parasites likely would be found in the organs.

When thinking about the above steps, there are three major ways to cure cancer:

1. Safely target and kill the cancer cells;
2. Kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which will be discussed below) and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells;
3. Kill the microbes that are causing the immune system to be weak (and this includes the microbes in the organs and the microbes in the bloodstream).


Actually, without doing No. 3, cancer could come back again.

The reader might wonder if there are any natural cancer treatments that are specifically designed to identify and get rid of the microbes in the organs? The answer is yes.

For example, the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier or High RF Frequency Generator with Linear Amplifier will kill these microbes and parasites without knowing what they are. This is because this device will cover enough frequencies to kill all of these microbes and parasites.

Another option is “liver flushes”, such as designed by Hulda Clark or Ty Bollinger (in his book The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure).

So in short, there are treatments for all budgets.

The definition of cancer cells

So what causes an individual cell to become cancerous? Many cancer cells form by a prior cancer cell dividing and creating two cancer cells. But how does a normal cell, which is not cancerous, become cancerous?

In a normal cell, molecules called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) provide the energy of the cell. ATP molecules are created inside the mitochondria which are inside of every human cell. In fact, there are thousands of mitochondria inside of every human cell.

The very definition of cancer cells is low ATP energy.


The normal process of creating ATP molecules is this (highly simplified):

  • Glucose gets inside of the cell from the bloodstream;

  • Some of the glucose is converted into pyruvate (this is a multi-step process);

  • Pyruvate gets inside of the mitochondria;

  • Once inside the mitochondria, pyruvate is at the beginning of two sequential chemical reactions (the Citric Acid Cycle or Krebs Cycle and then the Electron Transport Chain which spins off about half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle). It is these two cycles which create most of the ATP molecules in the cell.

Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than a normal cell. Thus, a person would logically expect a cancer cell to create 15 times more ATP molecules than a normal cell.

But in reality, cancer cells create a very small number of ATP molecules. Cancer cells are ATP molecule-starved and they have to revert to fermentation to create what little ATP molecules they create.

With so much glucose there should be an abundance of ATP molecules. Why do cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose and yet not be able to create a significant amount of ATP molecules?

The thing that blocks the production of ATP molecules is a very special pleomorphic bacteria that is inside the cancer cells.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation and others believe the microbe is Helicobacter Pylori or H. pylori. In some cases, Fusobacterium may be involved as well as it is also known to get inside of cells.

While everyone has H. pylori bacteria in their body (generally in their digestive tract), how do H. pylori get inside of a healthy cell? Generally, it doesn’t. But in some cases, an acidic diet can make this bacteria highly aggressive and it can literally drill itself inside of a normal cell to get away from the acidity in the blood, as discovered by Robert O. Young, Ph.D.

Another way microbes can get inside of cells is because asbestos or the chemicals in tobacco cut the cell membrane. This can allow microbes inside the cells. But remember that even though all of us have cancer cells, don’t forget we also have an immune system.

So how does a bacteria block the production of ATP molecules and thus turn a cell cancerous after it has gotten inside the cell?

In 2004, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation developed the model which still stands today.

The bacteria blocks ATP production in two different ways:

First, bacteria eat glucose so as the bacteria proliferate inside the cell (by the way, a bacteria is roughly the same size as mitochondria) they intercept more and more glucose. This means less and less pyruvate is made because there is less glucose to be converted into pyruvate. This means less ATP is made.

Second, microbes excrete mycotoxins, which are highly acidic and totally worthless molecules.

As one Independent Cancer Research Foundation researcher put it: The mitochondria, instead of “swimming” in a sea of pyruvate are swimming in a sea of mycotoxins.

Both items contribute to the mitochondria not obtaining enough pyruvate and this hinders both the Citric Acid Cycle and the Electron Transport Chain and thus blocks the production of an adequate amount of ATP in the mitochondria.

This microbe is highly pleomorphic, meaning it has many different sizes and shapes. This microbe can literally be smaller than a virus. Many people think it is a virus or fungus that causes cancer, but it is actually a cell wall deficient highly pleomorphic bacteria.

In one of its smaller states, it is the size of a virus and can enter inside of the cell nucleus. Like a virus, which gets inside of the nucleus, the DNA of the cancer microbe can interact with the DNA inside the cell nucleus and change the DNA structure of the cell.

Scientists see the DNA damage caused by these microbes and claim that it is DNA damage which causes cancer. This is like saying that smoke is the cause of fires. It is a good guess, but it is false. The DNA damage of a cancer cell is caused by the DNA of the same highly pleomorphic bacteria that blocks the production of ATP molecules. Actually, this bacteria does many other things to create cancer cells, protect cancer cells from the immune system and spread cancer. In fact, the characteristics of this bacteria are mind-numbing.

Thus, the claim by cancer researchers (who are funded by the pharmaceutical industry) that DNA damage causes cancer is wrong. Whether this is an intentional error (i.e. to avoid finding a cure for cancer) or is caused by ignorance we do not know.

In any case, due to the lack of energy in cancer cells (i.e. due to the lack of ATP molecules), cancer cells are very weak, which is the definition of a cancer cell. But because cancer cells steal glucose from the body the non-cancerous cells have less glucose and are very sick. They are sick for other reasons as well (e.g. cachexia cycle as cancer cells excrete lactic acid).

Many cancer researchers, starting over 100 years ago in the 1890s, have isolated the cause of cancer to be microbes (at the cellular level), though they did not understand the mechanism inside the cell which caused a microbe to make a cell cancerous.

Note that the cancer microbe was found both inside and outside of the cancer cells. One method that cancer cells use to spread quickly (at least for some kinds of cancer) is for the cancer microbe to come out of the cell, travel through the blood and create a new “colony” of cancer cells far from the original colony. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, melanomas, sarcomas and uterine cancer have all been identified by Independent Cancer Research Foundation researchers as spreading in this way.

This is just the beginning.

The cancer microbe also excretes enzymes that coat the outside of the cancer cells. This coating of enzymes blocks the immune system from identifying the cancer cells as being cancer cells.

It was also discovered, around the 1950s, that natural pancreatic enzymes, made in the pancreas, could dissolve this protein coating so the immune system could identify and thus kill the cancer cells.

This discovery, in turn, led to the advice that natural cancer treatments should prohibit the cancer patient from eating meats or other foods that the pancreatic enzymes cut apart. In other words, these foods “use up” the pancreatic enzymes while in the stomach so less of them are available to expose cancer cells to the immune system.

When a cancer patient is using pancreatic enzymes in their protocol, they should not eat meat or dairy products. In fact, no cancer patient should eat very much meat and they should not eat or drink any dairy products (for multiple reasons) or sugar.

The trade off is that meat can help a weak cancer patient who is not on a pancreatic enzyme protocol so in some cases meat is fine for a cancer patient.

Dr. Matthias Rath discovered that these microbes excrete enzymes that cut a path along tissue so cancer can spread more easily along the tissue. The cancer microbes are a cancer-causing machine.

In summary, cancer at the systemic level is caused by an imbalance between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer cells. At the systemic level many, many things can cause cancer, especially things that weaken the immune system. The weak immune system is almost always caused by microbes and parasites which are inside the organs but are not necessarily inside the cancer cells.

But cancer at the cellular level is caused by very unique and common microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. These microbes do many amazing things to help cancer cells do their damage and protect themselves.

Cancer cells create and excrete large amounts of lactic acid, as already mentioned, as they process large amounts of glucose inefficiently. This lactic acid goes into the bloodstream and gets to the liver. The liver converts the lactic acid to glucose. This “ping pong ball” cycle, where the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid and the liver converts lactic acid into glucose, is called the lactic acid cycle or cachexia cycle.

This cycle is what kills about half of all cancer patients because so much energy is consumed at both ends of the cycle. The patient becomes weak and simply dies.

The lactic acid also blocks many key nutrients from getting to the cancer cells.

Dealing with the lactic-acid cycle is frequently a major effort of a cancer treatment. It may involve using hydrazine sulfate, Methyl-Sulphonal-Methane (which helps flush out the lactic acid), D-Ribose (to get the energy to the non-cancerous cells), Vitamin C, etc.

Here is an article which shows the 16 different names of the different sizes of the cancer microbe (the images are not to scale or shape): 

Advanced Cancer Theory

Focusing on microbes inside cancer cells

Let’s ask one more question: Have there been any cancer treatments that cured cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells?

In the 1930s Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, was able to cure cancer with gentle electromedicine, which had two frequencies. One frequency was designed to kill the cancer bacteria and the second frequency was a “carrier” frequency which got the other frequency through the cell membrane (and actually through the entire body) to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

Dr. Rife had a 100 percent cure rate of cancer patients, but he was shut down by the FDA after refusing to sell his technology to the American Medical Association, which he knew would bury his technology.

Two modern-day Rife machines have replicated both of the types of machines that Rife built. These are the High RF Frequency Generator family of gentle electromedicine devices.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation researches both electromedicine protocols (such as Rife developed) and has also designed several cancer treatments using: DMSO, MSM, honey, maple syrup or molasses as carriers (i.e. Trojan Horses) to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells. These treatments have been very successful.

In other words, if you kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

In the book Cancer & Natural Medicine — A Textbook of Basic Science and Clinical Research, author John Boik identifies a dozen substances which have been shown in vitro to be able to revert cancer cells into normal cells (he calls it “differentiation”). All twelve of these items are anti-microbial. So it is a matter of getting these substances inside the cancer cells.

In the Boik book, DMSO is used to get these microbe-killing substances inside the cancer cells.

In Atlanta, Georgia, a medical doctor was curing cancer patients using DMSO and very low dose chemotherapy (about 10 percent of a normal dose). Why was such a low dose so successful? Because the DMSO allowed the chemotherapy to target the cancer cells and avoid damaging healthy cells. This doctor was shut down by the FDA. Using DMSO in a cancer clinic in the United States is a magnet to get the FDA to raid the clinic.

This website calls his treatment DPT (DMSO Potentiation Therapy). As far as we know, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Boik, and the medical doctor all made their discoveries independently.

This is precisely why the Independent Cancer Research Foundation recommends a cancer patient take MSM before they use chemotherapy (not that we endorse chemotherapy). Some of the MSM converts into DMSO, once inside the body, and the DMSO may help some of the chemotherapy target the cancer cells.

Some clinics use the combination of insulin and chemotherapy. This treatment also uses low-dose chemotherapy, but it is combined with insulin, which to some degree also targets cancer cells. This is called IPT or Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

Vitamin C, which also kills microbes, is also used as an IV for cancer patients. The Independent Cancer Research Foundation has tried to get these practitioners to add DMSO to their protocol to open up the ports of the cancer cells, but practitioners rarely listen to researchers.

There are likely many natural molecules which cure cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, but which have not yet been identified as working in this manner. Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 are good examples. These are highly anti-microbial vitamins which cannot possibly kill cancer cells, so the only way they can treat cancer is by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells (in the case of Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide is also made).

Of course, we combine MSM with Vitamin C or Vitamin D3.

The number one plant or herb in the world, which has been identified as successfully killing H. pylori is turmeric. Turmeric is also one of the top herbal treatments for cancer. This website combines turmeric (or curcumin, which is more powerful) with honey. Ginger is also used with honey. Both of these combinations are known to have cured cancer by themselves. And we combine honey with cinnamon.

It is much easier to kill microbes than to kill cancer cells if the substance can get inside of the cancer cells. DMSO (see article on DMSO), MSM, and honey are all “Trojan Horses” to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells. Maple syrup or molasses is commonly used with baking soda and has been very successful. We have received several testimonials from people using this combination (i.e. the Kelmun protocol) to treat cancer or shrink tumors.

For several years, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation has been involved in researching ways to revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. The reason for this research is that these protocols can work much faster than protocols which kill cancer cells because there is no debris from dead cancer cells. This is the ideal way to cure cancer. On the other hand, building the immune system is a slower process, but is a very good method.

Ultraviolet light has also been researched over the years and the Independent Cancer Research Foundation is researching the use of this protocol. There is a UV light protocol mentioned in the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article. This protocol has created harmless Herxheimers so we know it does kill microbes in the bloodstream.

This protocol, if used properly, kills microbes in the bloodstream. This is an immune-building process, so it is slow working, but getting rid of the microbes in the bloodstream is a cancer treatment because it does build the immune system.

But no matter what a cancer patient does, there should be something in the protocol to deal with the microbes inside the organs so that the immune system can be function properly. Otherwise, cancer may come back.

More on What causes cancer?

Fixing the root cause of cancer

While many natural cancer treatments do very well against cancer, what is missing in many natural cancer treatment protocols is getting rid of the microbes in the organs, which is the root cause of most cancer.

In many cases, the immune system can get rid of these microbes, but in fact, some types of tapeworms, flukes, and fungus, etc. cannot be killed by the immune system for one reason or another (e.g. the microbes are not accessible by the immune system).

Liver flushes and special nutrients may be required to deal with these microbes and parasites. But the fact is that many natural cancer treatments do very well without dealing with these special microbes. But the patient should be aware of these issues.

By getting rid of the microbes in the organs, plus doing the normal cancer treatments, the balance (i.e. a strong immune system and a low number of cancer cells) is restored enough to keep cancer from coming back. The patient is cured because their immune system has been fixed and the number of cancer cells (by using special protocols) has been reduced. Cancer will not come back as long as the patient watches their diet.

The approach of orthodox medicine, however, is to severely damage the immune system with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. This makes the imbalance even worse because these things damage the immune system and do a very poor job of targeting the cancer cells and do an even worse job of killing the microbes in the organs.

Orthodox cancer treatments also kill many healthy cells and can damage organs, the lymph system, etc. Is it any wonder cancer always seems to “come back” after surgery or chemotherapy? This is called “regression.”

For example, how does cutting off a breast going to fix the immune system? Don’t be absurd. I don’t know how many times I have told cancer patients that “you cannot cut cancer out.”

Is it any wonder that alternative cancer treatments, when administered by experts, have a massively higher cure rate than orthodox medicine? Most natural cancer treatments include immune builders and things that kill cancer cells. Some protocols also include things to clean the blood of microbes, which also will supercharge the immune system.

Ponder this carefully: Even when orthodox medicine puts someone into “remission” (i.e. their cancer appears to be gone), they have not fixed the root cause of cancer, so it is almost certain cancer will come back.

Because the root cause of cancer is a weak immune system, you cannot cut cancer out. You have to deal with the root cause of cancer.


Alternative treatment systems

Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine. Many alternative cancer treatments can be combined.

As a general rule, when you are using more than one alternative cancer treatment, take them at least an hour apart, if possible. Sometimes this is required.

Dr. Patrick Quillin contends cancer patients should focus on the parts of the body that are working properly, not on cancer.

He suggests a 21-day path to health, noting nutrients from food and supplements change the way your body works, making it less receptive to cancer cells and more supportive of healthy cells.

Dr. Quillin points out it is important to understand how cancer starts and progresses in the human body — including through malnutrition. Primary causes of cancer include:

  • poor nutrition — an excess, deficiency, or imbalance of any nutrients;

  • stress — the mind generates chemicals that can lower protective mechanisms against cancer;

  • sedentary lifestyle — exercise helps to oxygenate and regulate the entire body;

  • toxic burden — hence detoxification becomes crucial.

#Solution to Cancer?


A healthy immune system is the most important thing in the fight against cancer.


The following protocols are recommended:


1) Heavy Vegetable Juicing (this is the MAIN treatment, so do it right.)

 2) The Cancer Diet

3) Supplemental Treatments

4) DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours.)

5) DMSO – Colloidal Silver (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours.) – Coloidal silver made at home

6) Other Cancer Protocols


NB! First Protocol: Use of vegetable juices


  • When using the vegetable juice, a strict cancer diet is required.

  • Many books have been written on how raw foods (i.e. uncooked foods) deal with diseases such as cancer. For the purposes of this article, this treatment will be categorized as building the immunity system, but, in fact, it does a lot more than that. Many fruits and vegetables have nutrients that kill cancer cells and/or stop the spread of cancer. It is key to understand that almost every cancer diet is a modification of the raw food diet. Even the laetrile diet is basically a raw food diet, modified for foods that contain laetrile.


NB! Second Protocol: The cancer Diet

The main rules for the Cancer Diet:

1a) ZERO processed sugar. Processed sugar is a utopia for the microbes inside the cancer cells. Cancer cells have more glucose receptors than healthy cells so they take in more sugar than healthy cells. Sugar makes the cancer microbes more active.

1b) ZERO dairy products. There is one thing that cancer microbes love even more than sugar – they love dairy products. Diary products are absolutely forbidden in a cancer diet. There are exceptions, however (e.g. the Budwig diet or Colostrum).

2) Similar to Rule #1 – Eat as few foods as possible which have processed flour in them.

3) A cancer patient can eat any whole, natural food they want to. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and even meat in most cases.

The Kelley-Metabolic protocol, also known as the Metabolic protocol, does forbid meats because of the enzymes in the meat can interfere with the protocol.

However, the meat issue is not that simple. The proteins in meat are “food” to the microbes that cause cancer (see the “What Causes Cancer” article). The book, The China Study, strongly recommends against eating meat. So the trade-off that a cancer patient faces is the need for meat for energy (especially if the patient is weak) versus the fact that the microbes inside the cancer cells love the proteins in meat.

For more information about meat see this article: FAQ About Meat

Rule #4) As much of the “cancer diet” as possible should INCLUDE foods high in oxalic acid. Carrot juice and purple grape juice are especially excellent, as these foods contain multiple molecules which can kill cancer cells.

A rule of thumb is: 50 percent of the foods a cancer patient eats should be high in oxalic acid, though this number can be higher or lower depending on the situation.

Here is the list of oxalic acid foods: Buzzle Article On Oxalic Acid Foods

Also, see the article on the Cancer Diet.

Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes – Awesome Presentation by Gregg Braden

#1) Target and kill cancer cells

While most people think killing cancer cells is the only way to deal with cancer, it is not. In fact, in some cases killing cancer cells is too dangerous. In any case, here is a list of treatments that do kill cancer cells. In some cases, these treatments are also very alkaline and thus they slow down the spreading of cancer while they kill them.

1) Cellect (Cellect-Budwig – Major Home Cancer Treatment)

2) Purple Grape Juice, at least 12 chemicals kill cancer cells (Brandt Grape Cure)

3) Fucoidan (categorized as a “food”) – anyone can add to other protocols.

4) Moringa Juice (Moringa Oleifera) (a “food” – can use with anything) –

5) Carrot Juice (Cellect-Budwig / Dirt Cheap Protocol)

6) Oxalic Acid – this is in certain foods (see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

The “Cancer Diet” frequently should contain 50% or more of foods high in oxalic acid

7) Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – The oleocanthal in extra virgin olive oil kills cancer cells. See: How Olive Oil Works

8) Salvestrol or Silvestrol – also kills cancer cells and is found in natural foods: Salvestrol Vendor

9) Kelley Metabolic (Cellect-Budwig / strips enzyme coating off of cancer cells – immune system kills cancer cells)

10) DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate) – see:

11) Mangosteen (categorized as a “food”) – anyone can use

12) Tahitian Noni Juice (categorized as a “food”) – anyone can use

13) NingXia Red Wolfberry Juice

14) Goji Juice (

15) Blueberry Juice

16) Sea Cucumber (also stimulates immune system)

17) Cancer Cell Treatment ( – specific protocol

18) 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) – Clinic Only

19) Asparagus (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

20) Broccoli (must use fresh broccoli sprouts)

21) Six Lemons a Day (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

22) Essiac Tea (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

23) Stevia (may actually revert into normal cells) — a herb — see the Dirt Cheap Protocol for more information

24) Laetrile / Vitamin B17 (Used by Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. [biochemist] and Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr. – M.D.)

25) Wheatgrass (Ann Wigmore Wheatgrass Protocol)

Also see: Article on Wheatgrass

26) PolyMVA (frequently used at clinics by I.V.)

27) Black Cumin (Thymoquinone)

28) Bitter Melon

29) Vitamin K (Vitamin Research Products –

30) DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT) – DMSO with one of 4 types of low-dose chemotherapy (excellent clinic treatment but no one is using because of the FDA)

31) Graviola (Neutralized by treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells)

32) Paw Paw (Neutralized by treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells)

33) Protocel – lowers ATP energy, causes cancer cells to fall apart (Neutralized by treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells)

34) Cantron – lowers ATP energy, causes cancer cells to fall apart (Neutralized by treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells)

35) Ancelim – lowers ATP energy, causes cancer cells to fall apart (Neutralized by treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells)

36) Modified Citrus Pectin (also chelates heavy metals)

37) Escozine (derived from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom) – Google: Escozine “blue scorpion”

38) Dandelion Tea (Dandelion Tea)

39) Herbs That Kill Cancer Cells (see #15 below: Herbs For Cancer)

Note #1: When adding items to the Cellect-Budwig protocol, which is mentioned above, it is important to remember that many products, particularly antioxidants, can interfere with the Budwig protocol. Thus, when adding things to the Cellect-Budwig protocol, use the Budwig first thing in the morning, and then do not use any added products to the Cellect-Budwig protocol for 2 or 3 hours. This gives the Budwig Diet time to work.

Note #2: Oxalic Acid is in several of the above items (e.g. carrot juice, purple grapes and lemon peels). The “cancer diet” should be high in foods containing oxalic acid, about 50 percent – but not too many greens. For a long list of foods that contain oxalic acid see this website:

Buzzle Article On Oxalic Acid Foods

#2) Revert cancer cells into normal cells (3 categories)

To revert cancer cells into normal cells it is necessary to kill the microbes that are inside the cancer cells. There are three basic categories of doing this. In some cases several treatments within the same category can be used to enhance the treatment or items from multiple categories can be combined. The Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells.

For more information about reverting cancer cells into normal cells and to see the three categories of treatments, along with examples of each category, click on this article: Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells (Kill Microbes inside the Cancer Cells)

#3) Kill microbes and parasites in the organs (e.g. liver, pancreas) – i.e. “Liver Flush”

The process of killing these microbes and parasites is commonly called a “liver flush,” but in fact, these protocols seek to kill all microbes and parasites in all of the organs, not just the liver.

For more information and to see the individual treatments in this category click on this article:

Liver Flush Article (Kill Microbes and Parasites in the Organs)

#4) Supplements, etc. to build the immune system and super nutrients

Don’t Forget To See Item #3 Above

The importance of the immune system to a cancer patient (from Quest For The Cure):

In addition to killing the microbes and parasites in the organs (#3 above), cancer patients also need supplements which specifically help strengthen the immune system. This is the other half of building the immune system. For Cancer Patients (and other degenerative conditions), rebuilding and maintaining adequate immune response is vital to recovery and longevity.

Another item which can help the immune system is the magnetic pulser device [See Cesium Chloride protocol]. This device also helps with inflammation and pain.

For more information about building the immune system and many specific products, click on this article: Immune Building Products – Long List

More info on suplements in this article:

#5) Highly alkaline protocols (generally use only one per day)

Alkalinity slows down the spread of cancer by slowing down the ability of the microbes inside the cancer cells to breed quickly. Thus, alkalinity slows down the spreading of cancer. In fact, alkalinity can stop the spreading of cancer indefinitely. However, if enough alkalinity gets inside the cancer cells fast enough, the alkalinity can actually kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert them into normal cells. See the Bob Wright Protocol article for more details and critical concepts about how to avoid a “build-up” in order to make highly alkaline protocols far more effective than they normally are.

Warning #1 — Unless working with an expert, only one highly alkaline protocol should be used each day. These protocols are generally not combined with each other.

Warning #2 — To check for the symptoms of “alkalosis” (too much alkalinity) see this website: Search: Symptoms of Alkalosis

Here are some highly alkaline protocols (use only one per day):

1) Cellect (e.g. Cellect-Budwig Protocol — contains cesium and potassium)

2) Cesium Chloride (e.g. Cesium Chloride Protocol)

3) Barefoot Cesium Protocol

4) Barefoot Calcium Protocol

5) Kangan 11.5 High pH Ionized Water (e.g. Bob Wright Protocol)

6) High Dose Barley (Bill Henderson Protocol)

7) Wheatgrass – See: Article on Wheatgrass

8) Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumber, Alfalfa, Sprouts, Spinach, Tomato, etc.

9) Vitamineral Green (by Vital Healing Food)

10) Baking Soda (part of Dirt Cheap Protocol)

11) Stevia (herb)

12) Magnesium Chloride (use the oil transdermally), plus iodine

13) For a chart on the alkalinity of foods, see this excellent site: Alkalinity of Foods

You cannot believe how many times we have heard someone say they wanted their blood pH to be high. WRONG. Your blood pH must remain neutral, generally between 7.0 and 7.2. It is inside the cancer cells where the pH needs to be high.

The highly alkaline protocols are not designed to make the blood pH high, they are designed to make the ph inside the cancer cells to be high.

Study the symptoms of when the blood pH is too high: muscle twitching, nausea, vomiting, numbness in face, numbness in hands, muscle spasms, etc.

We repeat: The pH of the blood MUST remain pH neutral. This is why only ONE high pH protocol should be used each day.

#6) Kill microbes in the bloodstream, build immune system

By some estimates, the average adult has 2 pounds of microbes in their bloodstream. Dr. Bob Beck, Ph.D., who taught physics at the University of Southern California, learned that if you kill all of the microbes in the bloodstream that the immune system will be supercharged and the immune system can deal with cancer. However, his protocol is not as fast-acting or powerful a method of treating cancer as killing the microbes inside the organs, which was discussed above in item #3. While not as time-critical as other issues, eventually it would be wise to use his tactic or other tactics to get rid of these microbes.

For more information and to see the individual treatments in this category click on this article: Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream

#7) Treatments for those who cannot eat (e.g. on a liquid diet)

Many cancer patients cannot eat solid foods. This may be because of stomach cancer, colon cancer, surgery or other factors. Fortunately, there are several very powerful cancer treatments which are liquid or electromedicine and do not require the digestion of solid foods. Many of these protocols and products can be used with a feeding tube, PEG tube, etc.

Note: A ‘+’ means this can also be taken without swallowing (e.g. through the skin, by breathing, electromedicine or by an I.V.).

1) Cesium Chloride Protocol, major protocol — very potent even in low doses

2) Kelmun Protocol, several of the individual treatments are liquid

3) Bob Wright Protocol (high pH ionized water) and supplements

4) Oleander

5) Brandt Grape Cure

+6) High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier Protocol

+7) High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier Protocol – 15 watts

8) Stevia (the sweetener) – a herb – see the Dirt Cheap Protocol for more information

9) DMSO/CD (an amazing TRANSDERMAL [through the skin] protocol)

10) Perfect Storm (supercharged version of DMSO/CD) – Perfect Storm Protocol

11) MSM/LIPH (liquid)

12) MSM/Vitamin C (use liquid form of Vitamin C)

13) MSM/Colloidal Silver

14) Several items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol (e.g. Ultraviolet, Aloe Arborescens)

+15) BioMat – Infrared

+16) Ozone RHP  – by I.V.

17) Essiac Tea

18) Bob Beck Protocol (supplemental protocol only)

19) Hemp Oil

20) Laetrile / B17 (liquid version)

21) Mangosteen (categorized as a “food”)

22) Noni Juice (categorized as a “food”)

23) Fucoidan (categorized as a “food”)

24) Moringa Juice (Moringa Oleifera) (a “food”)

25) Pineapple Juice

26) Carrot juice (1 quart a day) with the juice from two beets added

27) Krill Oil (

+28) Essential Oils (e.g. Frankincense, etc., etc.

29) Cannabis juice

+30) Ultraviolet light (UVA) – kills microbes in bloodstream (see: Ultraviolet Light)

+31) Vitamin C by I.V.

+32) Laetrile by I.V.

(Note: each protocol requires one alkaline protocol, use #1, #2 or #3 above, but NOT two of them)

#8) Shrink tumors

In many cases, tumors do not pose any danger to a cancer patient. However, in some cases tumors may be pressing on a vital organ, causing pressure in the brain, or for some other reason need to be shrunk safely. While many treatments shrink tumors, the problem for very dangerous tumors is that they frequently return again and again. To get rid of dangerous tumors once and for all it is necessary to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs so that the immune system can keep the dangerous tumors from coming back (see item #3 above).

Another very inexpensive item to shrink tumors is – DCA (Dichloroacetate), see: (3 milligrams a day)

The best major cancer treatments to shrink tumors are the Cellect-Budwig or Dirt Cheap Protocol (especially the Kelmun Protocol). Mike Vrentas, who supports the Cellect-Budwig, is an expert at dealing with tumors. Likewise, the Kelmun Protocol has a history of being very good at shrinking tumors quickly.

A liver flush (see #3 above) is always required to make sure the tumors don’t come back. Study this article:

Liver Flush

Pau ‘d Arco, also called Lapacho or Taheebo tea also have some impressive testimonials.

The Cesium Chloride protocol is also very good, but it can cause temporary swelling before the tumor shrinks. So it is not appropriate if the tumor is in a dangerous location.

In the Dirt Cheap Protocol, the Kelmun Protocol, cannabis (e.g. medical marijuana – see the article on Hemp Oil) and DMSO/CD protocols (which can be used together) are very inexpensive ways to deal with shrinking tumors, but remember baking soda (Kelmun) is very alkaline and cannot be used at the same time as any other alkaline protocol.

The “Perfect Storm” protocol is a supercharged version of the DMSO/CD protocol: Perfect Storm Protocol

If you do not have a High RF Frequency Protocol device I have had testimonials about the BCX Ultra (another Rife Machine) doing well at shrinking tumors.

Here is a simple protocol that may help shrink tumors:

1 liter of carrot juice a day, with the juice from 2 beets mixed in;

Garlic (from two bulbs), this has selenium in it;

2 cups of pineapple juice a day

Here is a simple protocol using cabbage leaves:

1) Role up to break branches

2) Soak in lukewarm water

3) Put on tumor daily for 2 weeks or so

Another idea is coconut oil and zinc.

There is also the “Silva Mind Control” process and the book: You the Healer. Don’t underestimate your own mind.

The product Escozine (derived from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom) is primarily used to shrink tumors. It comes from a Native American tribe and has been very successful. For a vendor Google: Escozine “blue scorpion”

This article about an herbal protocol also includes shrinking tumors: Habanero Peppers

Note about dangerous external tumors or slightly transdermal tumors: A near infra-red lamp (available at PetCo) can very quickly shrink a tumor, however, it can also be dangerous if tumor tissue ends up in the bloodstream. It can cause a heart attack. It is the family’s decision whether shrinking the tumor using UVA is worth the slight risk. See also: Infra-red Vendor

Definitely, see this article: Shrink Tumors article

#9) Kill microbes inside of cancer cells

(See the “Treatments That Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells” section)

#10) Treatments / supplements for weak patients

By the time many cancer patients find out about natural medicine they are already very weak from cachexia or a host of other reasons. Dealing with the weakness of these patients is frequently the biggest challenge of a natural cancer treatment. The GB 4000, Quantum Pulse (formerly “Vibe Machine”) and BioCharger are electromedicine devices to energize weak cells, whether cancerous or not. Also, there are a number of supplements that can energize cells or can bypass the lactic acid caused by cachexia. In some cases, dealing with the weakness of a cancer patient is a higher priority than dealing with the cancer cells themselves.

It was noted above that it is impossible to re-energize the cells in the organs until after the microbes and parasites in the organs are killed (see #3 above). However, this does not mean a person should not use an energizing machine until after these microbes are killed. A weak cancer patient needs all of their cells energized immediately by any means. The point is to use a cell energy device or supplements immediately, but to also immediately seek to kill the microbes and parasites in the organs.

See the Weak Cancer Patients article first: Weak Cancer Patients Article

1) High RF Frequency Protocol

2) Quantum Pulse (originally called the “Vibe Machine),”

Many Are Available at Clinics or Homes:

3) BioCharger (similar to Quantum Pulse, but less expensive)

4)  Cellect-Budwig Protocol

5) D-Ribose (gets past lactic acid blockade)

6) The Wolfe Clinic

7) ASEA (Weak Patients article)

8) Iron supplements (iron deficiency anemia)

9) Sunlighten – InfraRed (

10) Eniva Vibe Fruit Sensation (Dirt Cheap Protocol – superb product)

11) NingXia NITRO by Young Living

12) Cellfood (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

13) Real Salt (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

14) Johanna Budwig Protocol (part of Cellect-Budwig)

15) CelltraMAX (the Budwig in a pill) – see:

16) Vitamin C (gets past lactic acid blockade)

17) Camu-Camu (the Vitamin C plant)

18) Hydrazine Sulphate (Blocks Cachexia Cycle – contact Cesium Chloride vendor)

19) Panaseeda Organic 5-Seed Blend

20) Devita Ritm (cell energizing) and Devita AP (kill parasites) – use both (use Google)

21) See “Weak Patients” article for more ideas

#11) Inflammation and swelling

NOTE: Inflammation can be caused by many different things. If you think the inflammation is caused by a food allergy, then check out an “elimination diet” (e.g. The rest of these items deal with inflammation caused by cancer.

1) High RF Frequency Protocol

2) Moringa Oleifera

3) Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields

4) Turmeric (Curcumin) and Ginger – see Dirt Cheap Protocol

5) Coriander Oil/Herb with Vitamin D

6) Helichrysum – essential oil (Veridas Botanicals)

7) DMSO / CD – transdermal

8) DMSO/Vitamin C – only DMSO is transdermal (

9) MSM/Vitamin C

10) DMSO/Colloidal Silver – only DMSO is transdermal (www.http://www.theIndependent Cancer Research

11) Honey and anti-oxidants (see the Dirt Cheap Protocol – honey is not for infants)

12) Ibuprofen

13) Cold red laser (Apollo)

14) Scenar (electromedicine) – also for pain.

15) DCA – The DCA Site

16) Click: Dr. Weil Chart

17) Soul and Core (greens drink): Soul and Core

18) Stinging Nettle (may also help stop bleeding)

19) Capsaicin (anti-inflammatory and anti-pain)

20) Aloe Arborescens (the commercial product also includes honey) (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

21) Nopalea (TM product)

22) Reduloxin (Advanced Bionutricals)

23) Bromelain (enzyme)

24) Quercetin (pigment in some plant foods)

25) Vitamin B3 (niacin)

26) Inflamma-bLOX

27) InflammaCORE

28) Noni Juice (anthraquinones)

29) Chickweed

30) Echinacea

31) Magnesium supplementation

32) omega-3 oils (e.g. fish oils)

33) Basal (Use Google)

34) Cardamom (related to Ginger and Turmeric – see above)

#12) Treating the pain of cancer

Treating the pain of cancer is very important to give the patient a strong “will to live.”

See also this article on pain on this website: Cancer Pain article

1) (Major Protocol) High RF Frequency Protocol

2) (Major Protocol) Cesium Chloride Protocol AND magnetic pulse – Quantum Medicine AND/OR Fibro 3:

3) (Major Protocol) Cellect-Budwig – also a major cancer treatment

4) ProloZone – Dr. Shallenberger (clinic) – Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine

5) Photon Sound Beam (Mother Earth Minerals:

6) Scenar (electromedicine) – good for pain and inflammation

7) Terra Quant Laser System

8) Dolphin Neurostim (Use on meridians)

9) Cold red laser (Apollo)

10) MLS Cold Laser (also: LLLT)

11) Photon Directed Action (PDA) –

12) Echinacea (herb)

13) White Willow (herb)

14) Book: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Pain Relief by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, PhD

15) Bitter Melon

16) Comfrey Plant (also deals with inflammation)

17) L-Arginine – amino acid for nerve pain and general pain

18) Gerson Pain Triad (Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin C) – (see the Gerson Protocol below)

19) Soothanol x2 – contains DMSO to get the pain-relieving chemicals to the pain

20) Ibuprofen

21) Turmeric (Curcumin) – see Dirt Cheap Protocol

22) E3Live (Blue-Green Algae)

23) Arthritis Relief Cream

24) DMSO/CD – transdermal – see Dirt Cheap Protocol

25) MSM/Vitamin C – both of these items get past the lactic acid blockade

26) Gerson Protocol (especially the juicing)

27) “TENS Units” – inexpensive and effective

28) DCA (sodium dichloroacetate) –

29) Hydrazine Sulphate (Blocks Cachexia – contact the Cesium Chloride vendor or Syracuse Clinic which specializes in H.S.)

30) Takara Foot Patches

31) Shu Li Foot Patches

32) Health Marvel Foot Patches

33) Magnet Therapy (Several books on the subject: Magnet Therapy by Philpott, MD, etc.)

34) Electromedicine (see the book: The Body Electric)

35) Capsaicin (anti-inflammatory and anti-pain), found in Sinus Buster nasal spray for example

36) Castor Oil Pack

37) Hydrotherapy

#13) Deal with high concentrations of cancer cells (including external tumors)

1) DMSO/CD – transdermal

2) Ultraviolet Light – (i.e. UVA Bulb Only – Serious Safety Rules) (Dirt Cheap Protocol)

#14) Work by lowering ATP energy

The very definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy. Several cancer treatments lower the ATP energy even more and the cancer cells literally fall apart. However, other protocols which kill microbes inside the cancer cells can actually RAISE ATP energy because it is the microbes that cause the ATP energy of cancer cells to be low. Cancer treatments which kill the microbes will interfere with the treatments that lower ATP energy. Thus, treatments that lower ATP energy are generally used by themselves.

1) Graviola (Many Treatments Neutralize This Protocol)

2) Paw Paw (Many Treatments Neutralize This Protocol)

3) Protocel (Many Treatments Neutralize This Protocol)

4) Cantron (Many Treatments Neutralize This Protocol)

#15) Herbs for cancer

There are herbs in many of the cancer products, such as Essiac Tea. Here is a list of some of the common herbs used in treating cancer, not in any particular order. Which if them work by killing the cancer cells and which work by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells is usually not known.

Note: a (+) means there is significant evidence for this herb to treat cancer

1) Cayenne Pepper (came across the plains with the pioneers) (+)

2) Habanero Pepper (See:

(Both a cancer treatment and for shrinking tumors)

3) Sheep Sorrel (in Essiac Tea)

4) Burdock Root (in Essiac Tea) (+)

5) Slippery Elm (in Essiac Tea)

6) Indian Rubarb (in Essiac Tea)

7) Chaparral

8) Wormwood

9) Red Clover

10) Poke Root

11) Echinacea (for immune system) (+)

12) Barberry (+)

13) Turmeric (e.g. Curcumin) (mix with honey – see Dirt Cheap Protocol) (+)

14) Ginger (mix with honey – see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

15) Cinnamon (mix with honey – see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

16) Garlic (take entire bulb, cut into small pieces and swallow like a pill)

17) Aloe Vera (plant) – (mix with honey – see Aloe Arborecens article)

18) Aloe Arborescens (plant) – mix with 50% honey

19) Green Tea leaf extract (Camellia Sinensis)

20) Bacopa (also for memory problems)

21) Ginkgo Biloba (also for memory problems)

22) Eucalyptus (plant)

23) Black Currant

24) Ashwagandha root (Winter Cherry)

25) Blushwood

26) Dong Ling Cao

27) Yi Yi Ren (Semen Coicis)

28) Tu Fu Ling

29) Ling Zhi

30) Ren Shen

#16) Natural cancer treatments

Because the Independent Cancer Research Foundation works with cancer patients all over the world, it is essential for us to develop long lists of cancer treatments so cancer patients in any country can obtain cancer treatments locally and quickly.

Many of these treatments are also very inexpensive.


Also remember that some treatments are inexpensive because they replace the foods a person normally eats. The Brandt Grape Cure, using organic purple grapes or carrots, is an example. Another example is using foods high in oxalic acid as a major part of a cancer treatment.

Both purple grapes and carrots are high in oxalic acid. The “cancer diet” should be high in foods with oxalic acid: 

Buzzle Article On Oxalic Acid Foods

#17) Inexpensive cancer treatments

You would not believe how many cancer patients cannot afford any of the highly effective cancer treatments. Because of this, we have spent a great deal of time identifying highly effective, yet still inexpensive cancer treatments.

  • Brandt Grape Cure (replaces foods you normally eat)

  • MSM/LIPH (See #25 below)

  • DMSO/CD (the crown jewel, but cannot be used with blood thinners – see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

  • Aloe Arborescens (part of Dirt Cheap Protocol)

  • Charcoal: Charcoal Remedies

  • DCA (Dichloroacetate), see:

The above items are only the “tip of the iceberg.” For far more inexpensive treatments see the items in these articles:

#18) Products to create stem cells (to replace damaged tissue)

1) Stem Enhance

2) Laminine (FGF)

3) Nopalae (TM product)

4) DMSO (helps regenerate nerve tissue, do not use with Chlorine Dioxide in this case)

5) Life Stem Genetics (LIFS)

6) Helichrysum essential oil – nerve regeneration (Veridas Botanicals)

#19) Dealing with brittle bones (e.g. bone cancer, bone marrow cancer)

1) Cellect-Budwig (major cancer treatment) – Cellect has the minerals needed to deal with brittle bones

2) Cesium Chloride (major cancer treatment) – includes minerals to deal with bones

3) Dr. True Ott, Ph.D. – Mother Earth Minerals – if not on Cellect-Budwig or Cesium Chloride

4) Product: “Bone Dense Calcium” (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) – Bone Dense Calcium

5) Life Extension: Life Extension Mix + Super Booster

6) Silica (1 TBS/day)

7) Strontium Max (1 TBS/day)

8) Potassium Max (1 TBS/day) – needed to replenish serum Potassium if on Cesium protocol

9) Phosphorous concentrate (10 drops)

10) Indium concentrate (10 drops)

11) Selenium concentrate (10 drops)

12) Vanadium concentrate (10 drops)

13) Molybdenum concentrate (10 drops)

14) Rubidium concentrate (30 drops)

15) Germanium concentrate (30 drops)

#20) If still using chemotherapy and radiation (or recently quit)

1) Use MSM (MSM if chemo at clinic) or DMSO (DMSO if chemo at home) ONE HOUR BEFORE chemotherapy3) Avoid electromedicine while chemotherapy is in bloodstream (the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is OK, however)

2) Avoid electromedicine while chemotherapy is in bloodstream (the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is OK, however)

3) Coconut Water from young coconuts (electrolyte)

4) Search for products: Primo Defense, Defense Restore, DermoREPAIR Cream and RecovEnergy

5) Vitamin E (over 600 mg per day) is very useful

6) For radiation: add Miso and Green Clay

Study the “If still on Chemo article.

#21) Treatments for those on PICC lines

Patients who are fed through a PICC Line have two key criteria when choosing an alternative cancer treatment. First, it must be potent in small doses. Second, it must pass through the PICC Line, which would eliminate any protocols with honey, for example.

All of these items are mentioned on this website except as noted.

1) See this article: Article For Those on Liquid Diets

2) Cesium Chloride (powerful in low doses – pure liquid) – a major cancer treatment supported by an expert

3) Frequency Generators (the High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier – “High RF Frequency Devices”) are electromedicine and nothing is taken orally – they revert cancer cells into normal cells among other things (see article on “High RF Frequency Protocol”)

4) Essiac Tea (see article)

5) Rick Simpson Hemp Oil (see article)

6) Pineapple Juice (2 cups a day) – Health Food Store

7) Asparagus (6 teaspoons a day) (see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

8) Six Lemons a Day (see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

9) Ultraviolet A light (see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

10) DMSO/CD (taken transdermally – see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

11) The fruit juices: Mangosteen, Noni, Limu, Moringa, etc. (may require 1/2 a quart a day)

12) Vitamin C by I.V. (clinic treatment)

13) Oleander (see article)

14) LIPH (without MSM) (see Dirt Cheap Protocol)

15) BioMat

16) Essential Oils (e.g. Frankincense – see Essential Oils article)

17) Krill Oil

18) Laetrile in liquid form (see article)

#22) Anti-inflammatory

1) Transfer Point Beta Glucan

2) Cloves

3) Ginger

4) Rosemary

5) Turmeric

#23) Unclog the lymph system

1) LBG-ST8

#24a) Other ideas

1) Product: F21 Natural Sugar Blocker blocks all cells from absorbing glucose

More info in the Reference Manual

Note #1: Prescription Drugs and Over-The-Counter Drugs

If you are on ANY prescription drugs, or even over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, you should check with your pharmacist or doctor to see if there is a conflict with any natural foods or natural supplements. A conflict can occur when one substance interferes with another substance or when one substance enhances the effectiveness of another. For example, enhancing a prescription drug or over-the-counter drug can be just as dangerous as blocking their actions. It is impossible for a small website such as this one to keep track of all possible conflicts. This is especially important for drugs that are being used as heart medications, such as hypertension drugs or blood thinners. For example, there is one combination of orthodox drugs and alternative medicines that can be fatal: combining tranquilizers with hydrazine sulphate.

Note #2: Dealing With Tumors

Alternative cancer treatments are far more interested in killing cancer cells, or reverting them to normal cells, than in shrinking tumors. If you kill all of the cancer cells in a tumor then the tumor is not dangerous to your health.

However, if a tumor is pressing on another organ, is blocking the flow of fluids, is a cause of extreme pain, is in a dangerous location, etc. it obviously would be wise to consult with a surgeon. Some alternative treatments do shrink tumors, but none of them do it immediately.

If you want more information about tumors, see: Article on Shrinking Tumors

It is important to understand that there is no alternative cancer treatment that is guaranteed to shrink tumors significantly in a short amount of time. Tumors are very complex and there is nothing that will work every time.

Not all alternative cancer treatments that shrink tumors are listed here, but the major treatments that have a history of shrinking tumors are listed here.

When the size of a tumor is critical, it can be assumed you do not want to swell the tumor any more than it has already swollen. Most alternative cancer treatments will cause a tumor to swell temporarily, then it may start to shrink.

The importance of liver flushes

Another key issue with regards to shrinking tumors is that microbes and parasites inside the organs must be killed in order to strengthen the immune system to ensure the tumor will not return after it has been shrunk. The root cause of a weak immune system is microbes and parasites in the organs.

Killing these microbes and parasites is what a liver flush is designed to do. Liver flushes should always be used with any natural cancer treatment.

The process of killing these microbes and parasites is commonly called a “liver flush,” but in fact, these protocols seek to kill all microbes and parasites in all of the organs, not just the liver.

For more information and to see the individual treatments in this category click on this article: 

Liver Flush Article (Kill Microbes and Parasites in the Organs)

See the Reference Manual and look for the heading: “#3) Kill microbes and/or parasites in the organs (e.g. liver, pancreas)”: Reference Manual


#Beating Cancer with Nutrition


A well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease. Cancer is the number two cause of death in America and the developed nations of the world with one out of four dying from cancer and 38% of women and 43% of men projected to develop cancer over their lifetime. While the overall death rate from cancer has not appreciably declined since the start of the multi-trillion dollar war on cancer in 1971, there is good news from the nutrition arena. Optimal nutrition can reduce the risks of developing cancer by up to 90%, hence it is a strong preventative tool for everyone.


Wheatgrass juice

The reason the Budwig Diet is required is because all pregnant women need water-soluble omega 3 oils (actually, it is the baby that needs this). You should also eat two eggs a day for the baby.


For the sake of the baby, no matter what treatment you are on you should take at least 2 ounces of wheatgrass juice a day. Many health food stores carry wheatgrass juice.


You will note in studying this website that many of the most potent cancer treatments contain at least one of these four items:

1) Cesium (e.g. cesium chloride), (very alkaline)

2) Baking Soda, Sodium Bicarbonate or NaHCO3 (very alkaline)

3) Calcium (e.g. Coral Calcium) (very alkaline),

4) Vitamin C – Vegetable Juicing article

5 Little-known Ways Alternative Natural Treatments Helps Cancer Patients

1. Stop and shrink the growth of tumors.

2. Kills microbes in cancer cells and in the bloodstream.

3. Reduce pain and swelling.

4. Prevents feeding energy to cancer cells.

5. Boosts the immune system.



If you are relying on inexpensive cancer treatments, you should understand that almost always you will need to use three or four of these treatments.

Not all alternative cancer treatments shrink tumors as quickly as other alternative cancer treatments. 


Here is a combination of inexpensive cancer treatments which may shrink tumors quickly:

1) Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, PhD Treatment (see below),

2) Honey and Ginger (see below),

3) DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide (see below),

4) Robert Barefoot Cesium Chloride Protocol (see below),

5) Cell Forte IP6 (Not listed in this article)


The best thing you can do is to avoid killing cancer cells, which means you must revert them into normal cells. However, all of the treatments which do that are still experimental.

WARNING: IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO BUILD-UP TO THE RECOMMENDED DOSES IN THESE TREATMENTS. Do NOT start these treatments with therapeutic doses, but rather at 1/10th a therapeutic dose. Over a period of two weeks, slowly build up to a therapeutic dose to make sure the protocol will not cause dangerous swelling or inflammation.

The following protocols are recommended (see below for the DMSO protocols):

1) Heavy Vegetable Juicing (this is the MAIN treatment, so do it right.)

Use cold press juicers. One

2) The Cancer Diet Cancer Diet article

3) DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours.)

4) DMSO – Colloidal Silver (separate/alternate these two DMSO treatments by three hours.)

Note: DMSO by itself helps reduce pain and swelling. The two DMSO treatments CANNOT kill cancer cells, rather they revert cancer cells into normal cells.



First, you should understand that some treatments will interfere with other treatments. For example, the DMSOVitamin C protocol will completely neutralize the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide protocol. Thus, when you read the treatment specific articles (if there is one for the treatment), watch carefully for clues about what items will neutralize other items.

Yes, you have to do your homework. You essentially pay medical doctors to do your homework for you, but medical doctors are not allowed to cure people of cancer. Because you are reading this article it should be apparent that you cannot afford to hire someone else to do your homework for you. You need to get used to the fact you are going to have to do a lot of reading.



You will become familiar with the names of the cancer protocols listed below as you become familiar with this article. However, some examples of special situations will be given on how to combine these treatments together.

The Cancer Diet

“The Cancer Diet” mentioned below is critical because it contains only alkaline foods and this type of diet is necessary to create an “inner terrain” which is hostile to cancer cells. It is also a low-glusose diet which will aid the DMSO – Vitamin C protocol.

Also, Vitamin C and ozone (an oxygen treatment) also create a hostile environment for fast-growing cancers.

1) Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (the MAIN treatment, see below),

2) The Cancer Diet Cancer Diet article

3) DMSO – Vitamin C (see below)

4) Ozonated Water (Not mentioned on this web page), see: Ozonated Water article

The Cancer Diet (free, it replaces your food budget)

EVERY cancer treatment on the planet earth, REQUIRES a solid “cancer diet,” meaning a food and drink diet that does not feed your cancer cells and does not interfere with your alternative cancer treatment.

Whether you pay $25,000 for a German cancer clinic, or use a $100 DMSO-based alternative cancer treatment, even if you kill or get rid of every cancer cell in your body, you need a good cancer diet.

A normal person has cancer cells form all the time. It is not a problem because their immune system handles the cancer cells routinely. But when the number of cancer cells grows too quickly, or the immune system is suppressed, the balance between new cancer cells and the immune system’s ability to kill them gets out of balance.

BY DEFINITION a cancer patient does not have a strong enough immune system to handle newly forming cancer cells. On top of that, if a person has had orthodox cancer treatments, likely they don’t have an immune system at all.

It is impossible to stress enough the importance of the cancer diet. You cannot continue to “feed” your cancer cells. YOUR CANCER DIET MUST, MUST, MUST be part of your cancer treatment. If you doubt this fact, use Google to buy a copy of the movie: “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out.”

Unless you have a specific cancer diet in mind (in some cases your primary vendor will have a cancer diet for you), your cancer diet should be a combination of these two cancer diets: Cancer Diet article

Vegetable Juicing article

The Most Potent of the Inexpensive Treatments (Select Several)


This treatment uses the Budwig Diet at its base, but adds a number of important supplements to it. If you buy Bill’s book (Beating Cancer Gently) you can get telephone support for a one-time fee of less than $200 (this is optional). This is a very superb cancer treatment and it contains its own cancer diet.

Bill Henderson Website


Cancer is largely a result of a “Defective” Immune System. If you have Cancer, something is wrong with your body’s NATURAL ability to eradicate cancer cells. The only product capable of replenishing / doubling (depending on dosage) Immune Response is Transfer Point’s Glucan 300®. While this product is often a part of many Alternative Treatments, clinical trials have shown it can be used alone with fantastic results. Beta Glucan is already a primary Natural Cancer Treatment in Asian countries.

For more information call Better Way Health at 800.746.7640: mention “The Cancer Tutor”


This treatment is free because the grapes replace your normal foods. Many people do not have access to pesticide-free red, purple or black grapes, but for those that do, this is a superb treatment: Johanna Brandt Grape Cure


This treatment, as its name implies, is very inexpensive. It includes electromedicine (the Bob Beck Protocol) and several of the other protocols on this page. It essentially does your “homework” for you in putting together an inexpensive protocol. Dirt Cheap Protocol


A “breathing” device out of Russian has been shown to be very effective. It is called: Frolov’s Respiration Training Device.

What it does is create very, very small oxygen molecules which can reach deep into the capillaries. You can use the link above to find one of these devices. However, please do not buy one of them out of curiosity. Buy it only if you need it because if too many are imported into the U.S. it might become difficult to import them.


Another simple protocol out of Russia is from Nikolai Shevchenko. It consists of Sunflower Oil with Vodka. Most likely this protocol is using Vodka to get the Sunflower Oil inside the cancer cells. However it works the Sunflower Oil gets inside the cancer cells. Sunflower oil will kill some types of bacteria and cancer is caused by a bacteria. Sunflower oil has not been proven to kill all types of bacteria so this should not be the only protocol used against cancer, but it certainly can be used as one item.

Whether MSM would be better to use with sunflower oil is not known, but the big issue is whether sunflower oil will kill the cancer bacteria.


Asparagus has been shown over and over to be an excellent cancer treatment.

To use asparagus as a cancer treatment do the following:

1) Cook the asparagus,

2) Puree the asparagus,

3) Take FOUR TABLEspoons, TWICE a day

Note that the patient will take eight tablespoons during the entire day.


This is an alkaline protocol that works by killing microbes inside of cancer cells.  In this protocol baking soda and maple syrup are heated together for 5 minutes. This binds the two substances together. It is a weak bond, but the protocol works so quickly that that is all that is needed.

When they are taken, the cancer cells eat the maple syrup because cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells. However, as they do this the baking soda gets inside the cancer cells. This is when the highly alkaline baking soda kills the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus reverting the cancer cells into normal cells.

See this article for more information: Kelmun Protocol

NOTE: There is also a Molasses and Baking Soda protocol. Search YouTube for how to make this protocol.


The Honey and Cinnamon protocol consists of four items (buy them from a health food store or Internet):

1) High quality honey, the darker the better (the honey should NOT be heat processed),

2) Cinnamon, hopefully from Vietnam or Cambodia, where they have the highest percentage of cinnamon oil,

3) “Cinnamon Bark,” an essential oil from Young Living,

4) “Sacred Frankincense,” an essential oil from Young Living

Three times a day, mix these things together and eat it:

1) One TABLEspoon of honey,

2) One TEAspoon of cinnamon,

3) Three of Four drops of “Cinnamon Bark” essential oil

4) Three or Four drops of “Sacred Frankincense” essential oil

The honey acts to help get the cinnamon, cinnamon oil, etc. inside of the cancer cells, where they can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus allowing the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.


As honey is a Trojan Horse to get microbe-killing substances inside of cancer cells, there are several very good honey protocols.

Every other day take 1 TEAspoon of honey with 1 TEAspoon of turmeric

Every other day take 1 TEAspoon of honey with 1 TEAspoon of ginger

The Ginger and Turmeric are alternated every other day

Here are more honey ideas:

Honey and Frankincense (“Sacred Frankincense” mentioned above)

Honey and Baking Soda (may help shrink tumors), no more than 1 TEAspoon a day of baking soda.

Honey and Coral Calcium

Honey and Colloidal Silver

Honey and Vitamin D3 powder or crushed

Honey and Vitamin C

Honey and Chlorine Dioxide (must use 50% citric acid)

Honey and Selenium

Honey and Zinc

Honey and Magnesium

Honey and Malic AcidHoney and Key Anti-Cancer Herb(s) From Essiac Tea

Honey and anything else that kills microbes


This is a new protocol that has incredible potential at curing cancer safely and inexpensively. It is a “homeopathic” protocol, but instead of using plants it uses silicon. The theory behind this protocol is outstanding and its results have also been outstanding. It is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

See this article for more information: MSM / LIPH Treatment For Cancer


This treatment is somewhat similar to the DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide protocol but this protocol uses MSM instead of DMSO. At the molecular level, the main difference between DMSO and MSM is that MSM has an extra oxygen atom.

MSM Vendor

DMSO Vendor

MSM does not create as much sulphur body odor as DMSO thus it can be taken in higher doses than the DMSO protocol.

Here is the article: MSM – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol


This treatment is somewhat similar to the DMSO – Vitamin C protocol but this protocol uses MSM instead of DMSO.

Vitamin C is a microbe-killing substance (thus it may help revert cancer cells into normal cells) and may also target and kill cancer cells. The MSM is designed to help get the Vitamin C inside the cancer cells.

Vitamin C Vendor

Here is the article: MSM – Vitamin C Protocol


As with other MSM protocols, this protocol uses MSM to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes and revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

There are numerous brands of colloidal silver. You can use any brand of colloidal silver you feel will work. However, note that EVERY brand of colloidal silver uses a different “dose.” Some colloidal silver brands can use as much as a quart a day; others use quantities measured in TABLEspoons or TEAspoons and yet others are measured in drops. Be careful you do not use the wrong dose for the brand you choose.

Here is the article: MSM – Colloidal Silver Protocol


This treatment uses MSM to get Vitamin D3 to where it is able to revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

The Vitamin D3 in this protocol can only be used indefinitely, but follow the safety instructions for the use of calcium.

Here is the article: MSM – Vitamin D3 Protocol


Perhaps the safest way to get alkalinity into the body is with lemon juice. A person should freeze many lemons. Then take six of them a day and grate them.

The patient takes all six grated lemons every day.

We encourage you to do other things as well that would not interfere with this protocol.


The Hemp Oil protocol for cancer has been around for several years and has been proven to be safe and effective.

Hemp Oil Vendor

This website uses the highly popular Rick Simpson protocol: Hemp Oil Protocol


This spice, Nigella sativa or Black Cumin or Black Seed, has been proven in many scientific studies to be very effective against cancer.

Black Cumin Vendor


This protocol comes from the book: Better Health in 120 Days. It is a combination of omega 3 and omega 9, but without omega 6.

I should warn you that Carlson omega supplements do have omega 6, but they do not list the omega 6. I do not know which brands actually do not have any omega 6. An excellent protocol.


This treatment is also free because the vegetable juices replace your normal foods. See the Brandt Grape Cure article mentioned above, but use carrot-based vegetable juices instead of grapes: Raw Food / Vegetable Juice Drinks


If you live in a state or country where the oleander plant grows wild, this treatment is free. The book that tells you how to make it costs about $10. It is a VERY potent treatment, but does take time to prepare the “oleander soup” correctly.

The online Yahoo health group “oleander soup” has over 500 members including the man who devised the recipe for “oleander soup”, plus naturopaths who make the oleander extract and are familiar with it, experienced users, Tony Isaacs and a lady who probably makes more oleander extract than anyone this side of Marc Swanepoel (who formulated the OPC supplements).

See the very bottom of this web page to join the newsgroup: Tony Isaacs Website (and his book)

Also, see this article: Oleander Treatment For Cancer [English] / Oleander Treatment For Cancer [Russian]


Coconut water is the water inside of “young coconuts,” which have not had their shell harden yet. This product is amazing at getting rid of the symptoms and damage done by chemotherapy. It is an electrolyte, it oxygenates the blood, it restores the ANC count, white blood count, hemoglobin, and platelets, etc.

As if that weren’t enough, because it is an antimicrobial, it can also kill microbes inside of cancer cells and revert them into normal cells. In other words, it can be a cancer treatment.

Generally you need to buy these “young coconuts” at health food stores, but some grocery stores may be able to obtain them.

Note: The coconut water that comes in a box will not work, you must use fresh “young coconuts” and extract the coconut water.


While wheatgrass contains many nutrients that contribute to the treatment of cancer, many think it is the chlorophyll which is the main anti-cancer molecule. Chlorophyll has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and release free oxygen, meaning it is frequently considered one of the “oxygen treatments.”

However, wheatgrass fights cancer in many other ways. For example, let us consider abscisic acid, as one example. The hormone abscisic acid (ABA) is 40 times more potent four hours after cutting the wheatgrass than it is at the time of cutting. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler considered ABA the most important substance in her cancer vaccine.

Wheatgrass Growing Kits Vendor

Wheatgrass Juice Vender

The bottom line is that this is an inexpensive and effective cancer treatment: Wheatgrass Juice Protocol


(This treatment is not for advanced cancer patients or cancer patients with a fast-growing cancer)

There is an up front cost to this electromedicine equipment, but the equipment can be used over and over again. In many cases, the reason a person has cancer is that their immune system has been suppressed. Perhaps the main reason immune systems are suppressed (other than chemotherapy) is microbes. Microbes block the ability of the immune system to communicate and create neuropeptides (e.g. interferon).

The Bob Beck Protocol  cannot be used by a lot of people because they are on potent prescription drugs, so it is frequently not used until a patient is in remission and off of their potent prescription drugs.

If you buy the equipment, it costs about $800, but if you build it yourself, or have a friend build it, it is much cheaper. See: Bob Beck Protocol


This is no longer an inexpensive protocol, however, a person can pick and choose from among the inexpensive pieces of this protocol and still come up with a very good protocol.

This protocol was designed for people who could not digest foods, but in fact it can be used by any cancer patient. This treatment is a 30-day protocol and includes substances which are known to revert cancer cells into normal cells. For example, DMSO combined with chlorine dioxide is known to be an effective cancer treatment.

Go through the article with your budget in hand and use as many of the protocols as you can. To make your own Bob Beck equipment see the “Dirt Cheap Protocol” instructions.

Here is the article: Overnight Cure For Cancer


This is part of the Overnight Cure For Cancer, just mentioned. That protocol used a TABLEspoon of DMSO, mixed with chlorine dioxide (5 or 6 drops of MMS, then activated, then mixed with DMSO), once every half-hour for 12 hours. That is 25 TABLEspoons of DMSO, which is well within a safe dose.

In its basic form, this treatment is as potent as the Bob Beck Protocol mentioned above, in that it cleans all microbes out of the bloodstream and thus helps build the immune system. However, this treatment tries to go one step further by adding DMSO in order to revert cancer cells into normal cells. It is actually safer to revert cancer cells into normal cells than to kill them.

While there is no doubt this protocol will build the immune system, one key question is how effective the chlorine dioxide and DMSO are at reverting cancer cells into normal cells. This question is critical for cancer because the microbes which cause cancer are inside the cancer cells. This protocol has been very effective at treating cancer.

For external tumors, this mixture should be put directly on the tumor. For tumors just below the skin, it should be put on the skin directly above the tumor.

Used twice a week, this protocol can be used indefinitely. Obviously it creates severe body odor which the patient cannot smell. There are some very serious safety warnings about handling DMSO.

DMSO Vendor

Oral – DMSO/CD Oral Protocol

Transdermal – DMSO – Chlorine Dioxide Protocol


(This treatment is not for advanced cancer patients or cancer patients with a fast-growing cancer. Also, this protocol cannot be combined with any treatment that uses DMSO, MSM or electromedicine.)

Protocel is an outstanding cancer treatment by itself. However, it is not potent enough for fast spreading cancers, such as glioblastomas. It can be combined with many other alternative cancer treatments, but not all. See this article: Protocel or Cantron


This treatment requires you buy FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide. Use Google this way:

“food grade” “hydrogen peroxide” 35%

WARNING: 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide is VERY dangerous to handle. Keep away from children.

See this article for more details about hydrogen peroxide baths and a hydrogen peroxide oral treatment: Hydrogen Peroxide Informatio


This protocol is just as its name implies – water and salt.

Cells must have water and this includes cancer cells. Thus, this protocol gets salt inside the cancer cells. In this protocol, the microbes inside the cancer cells have nothing to “eat” except salt. This likely will kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. You can also add colloidal silver and/or LIPH, since these two products also have no nutritional value for microbes and also kill microbes.

The key is that human cells are more resilient to a really bad “diet” than microbes are. Thus, the microbes will die off much faster than any human cells.

Put this into Google: “water cure testimonials”

This protocol has some very good theory behind it, but pay attention to safety rules.

See this website for more information: Water Cure Website


This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

See: Article on this protocol


This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

See: Article on this protocol


If your cancer includes a significant tumor(s), include this protocol as part of your treatment.

This treatment is the result of decades of cancer research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, Ph.D., director of cancer research and former professor of biology at Mereyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. Twenty years of painstaking work by Sister Eymard and her associates have indicated that a combination of vitamins C and B12 have a powerful effect against tumors.

Sister Eymard stated: “We’ve got it down to a point now where, if you do it according to the ‘recipe,’ it will work every time.”

The “recipe” is a mixture of vitamins C and B12 (in a ratio of one part B12 to two parts C) near the site of the tumor transplant.

She also wanted to see if the C-B12 mixture would prolong the lives of animals already suffering from cancer. To find out, Sister Eymard and her colleagues injected the mixture near the cancerous growths of diseased mice for seven successive days. Treated animals lived longer than those mice not given C and B12. In fact, all the treated mice outlived the control group. It appeared that the combination of C and B12 not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prolongs the lives of animals impregnated with cancer.

This treatment should not be used by itself, but it would be wise to combine this treatment with other treatments which allow antioxidants.

See also: For More Information / Article on this protocol


This is a carrot-juice based treatment which was designed by a medical doctor who treated her own breast cancer.

See: Article on this protocol

Safe, But Still Experimental Treatments


Like all of the DMSO protocols, the DMSO in this protocol is used to “open up” the cancer cells so that substances which kill cancer cells (or kill the microbes inside the cancer cells) can get inside the cancer cells.

This protocol is designed to get vitamin C inside the cancer cells. As a worst case basis, the vitamin C in this protocol will, like chlorine dioxide, keep the blood free of microbes and will thus help build the immune system.

This treatment may cause some swelling and inflammation, thus it is not advised for those with tumors in dangerous locations (such as tumors in the brain or pancreas).

For external tumors, put this mixture directly on the tumor. For tumors near the skin, put this mixture on the skin directly above the tumor.

I would also use DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide for shrinking tumors in the same manner.


This protocol is designed to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells. As a worst case basis, the colloidal silver will keep the blood free of microbes and will thus help build the immune system.

This treatment will NOT cause any swelling and inflammation. Colloidal silver is actually healthy for cells, thus this protocol will not kill any cancer cells. However, microbes have been shown to die by colloidal silver, thus the focus of this treatment is to get colloidal silver inside the cancer cells in order to kill the microbes and revert the cancer cells into normal cells.


This is a modification of the above treatment which uses blood extraction. Instead of exposing blood to the ultraviolet light, chlorophyll (i.e. wheatgrass) is exposed to the ultraviolet light. In this case, the ultraviolet light can be the sun or a UV bulb.

The theory behind this protocol is that because chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin, that it too will “remember” the ultraviolet light frequencies when the cancer patient drinks the wheatgrass juice. The chlorophyll will hopefully enter into the cancer cells and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. This, in turn, would revert the cancer cells into normal cells.

A special wheatgrass juicer may be needed for this protocol


This protocol uses ultraviolet light to safely kill microbes in the bloodstream (much like the Bob Beck Protocol does), but it also kills microbes inside the cancer cells. Thus, it not only supercharges the immune system but reverts cancer cells into normal cells.

Here is a link to the article: Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Treatments With Potential, But Less Evidence


(This is ONLY for certain kinds of cancer.)

Very Important Note: USE ONLY baking soda which is stated to be “aluminum free” (e.g. Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda, which is now called “All Natural”) OR is pharmaceutical grade baking soda.

This treatment was developed by an oncologist in Italy and uses Baking Soda. The rest of this section are general comments about the treatment sent to me by an associate of Dr. Simoncini:

For mouth, stomach, intestinal, rectal, oral cancers (if not infiltrated), they should take:

1st Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water in the morning and 1 in the evening,

2nd Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water at any time of day,

3rd Week: 1 TEAspoon with glass of water at any time of day.

The baking soda should NOT be used after the third week, switch over to a different treatment for at least a month.

NOTE: In most cases the Simoncini treatment requires medical help in the form of injections or IVs. However, in the case of mouth, stomach, intestinal, rectal and oral cancer (which may include throat cancer) this highly effective treatment can be used by simply putting baking soda in a glass of water. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY IF THIS APPLIES. The “Vitamin C and Baking Soda” treatment discussed below will likely also help these kinds of cancer.

Here is an article which links to other Simoncini websites: A Short Article on Simoncini

It is also advised to drink a high quality Vitamin C product one hour after you drink the baking soda. For example, put a rounded tablespoon of vitamin C powder into eight ounces of water, mix and drink one hour after you drink the baking soda.

Here is one highly recommended Vitamin C vendor: Excellent Buffered Vitamin C Product


This is a simple cancer treatment out of Europe. Flavonoids have been used in cancer treatments for several years, but this is the first protocol I have seen using them:

Here is the website:


Probably everyone on earth has too many dandelions in their yard. Yet the root of this plant is a potent cancer treatment. However, it can be difficult to make. See this article: Dandelion Root Cancer Treatment


There are several things that can severely suppress your immune system from functioning. One of them is microbes, mentioned above with regards to the Bob Beck Protocol.

However, another cause may be just as important – heavy metals. Heavy metals (i.e. dental amalgam, vaccinations, etc.) can severely suppress the immune system. Heavy metals are removed from the body by chelation. A chelating item is an item which binds to a heavy metal and carries it out of the body.

If your immune system is suppressed because of heavy metals three products may be exactly what you need.

First, is Vitamin C, mentioned elsewhere in this article. The maximum dose of Vitamin C you should take, without professional support, is 10 grams. And that includes ALL treatments which include Vitamin C. The advantage of Vitamin C is that it also can kill microbes. Thus, it can accomplish two things. Be sure to combine it with DMSO.

Another option is a product called zeolites. Unlike Vitamin C, this product is designed specifically to chelate heavy metals.

Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the the colon: My Touchstone Essentials

The third product is a single-celled plant called chlorella. It is also a superb chelating item. Here is an article: Article on Chlorella


Iodine was used in three of the most famous cancer treatments, the Hoxsey (potassium iodine), the Gerson and the Moerman. However, it has also been used by itself, no doubt with higher doses. This is a quote from an email I received:

  • “The dosage we were recommended was 10 drops of 7% iodine tincture in an 8-oz glass of water three times a day for the 1st day, going up a drop a day. They usually quit when they reach 30, 35, or 40 drops.

Some go back down the same way they went up and do not quit suddenly.

The woman who told me about it said the information she was given said you would have a clear feeling in your stomach when you had enough. She verified that she had experienced this as well. I’ve heard that the cancer disappears.”

Here are some websites: and

Here is another email I received, this one from a health practitioner:

  • “I use a urine test through Dr. Flechas’ lab to determine iodine deficiencies, though I’ve never varied the dose as your protocol suggests. The research Dr. Flechas, Dr. Brownstein and another Dr., Guy Abraham, shows that the body needs two kinds of iodine. Iodine, the I2 molecule, and iodide, the I- molecule. Different tissues in the body use different forms. Iodine, in addition to being used for making thyroid hormone, is used in the structure of hormone receptors on all cells for all hormones in the body. Iodine deficiencies can therefore result in less efficient hormonal communication in the body, and be a contributing cause or the root cause of hormonal resistance in hypothyroidism and diabetes.

The form of Iodine I’ve been using is a tablet form of the older Lugol’s iodine solution. Lugol’s was a liquid that combined Iodine and potassium iodide. It caused stomach upset in a fair number of patients, and dosage control was difficult. Iodoral is a tablet form of these same types of iodine, and is in a time-release matrix, which seems to eliminate the stomach upset side effects and makes dosage control easier.

I could easily see how cancer’s that are hormonally mediated could be helped by adding iodine. Breast, uterus, ovary and prostate cancers are all associated with iodine deficiencies. I test for iodine deficiencies in all cancer patients.”


We have not personally recommended this treatment very much because it requires a knowledge of how to diagnose iodine toxicity. If you use this treatment, you need to work with someone familiar with iodine toxicity or buy the CD collection of Mike Vrentas (see the Cancer Treatment Support Books).

Dirt Poor Countries

There are some countries where the people are so poor that they will take anything to try to cure their cancer.

In these countries they may drink their own urine, drink non-petroleum kerosene or use sun gazing. The latter two items require expertise to safely use.

By no stretch of the imagination does the Independent Cancer Research Foundation endorse any of these three treatments, but for those who cannot obtain or afford the other cancer treatments on this page, we include them for “completeness.”

Kerosene is actually made from pine tar, and is perfectly safe. However, we are concerned some manufacturers may add things to the kerosene, such as a petroleum product, so it cannot be taken orally and used for health purposes. Check the label of any kerosene you buy.

Here is an article on kerosene: Article on Kerosene

Even in natural medicine cancer can come back

Many natural cancer treatments, whether cancer treatments that kill the cancer cells or even revert the cancer cells into normal cells, can have significant regression rates.

One reason was discussed above, the microbes in the organs and / or bloodstream were not identified and destroyed.

In other words, even natural cancer treatments that kill cancer cells or revert cancer cells into normal cells can have the cancer return. If natural cancer treatments don’t fix the root cause of cancer, by cleaning the blood, and especially the organs of microbes and parasites, cancer can come back.

How to ‘cure’ cancer

In summary, there are several ways to cure cancer:

1) You can safely and gently kill the cancer cells with nutrients, such as laetrile or Vitamin B17.

2) You can safely and gently kill the microbes which are inside the cancer cells with DMSO, MSM, honey, as Trojan Horses (with turmeric, ginger…), and electromedicine or other tactics.

The Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with these types of treatments. And these treatments are very synergistic with each other.

3) You can safely and gently kill the microbes which are in the bloodstream and thus supercharge the immune system to create interleukin and interferon and other neuropeptides, which in turn kill the cancer cells (e.g. the Bob Beck Protocol or High RF Frequency Generator with Plasma Amplifier devices),

(Note: The High RF Frequency Devices are direct cancer treatments. They not only kill the microbes in the bloodstream they also kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert cancer cells into normal cells. So do not compare a High RF Frequency Device with a Bob Beck device.)

4) You can target and kill the parasites and microbes in the organs, which will also help supercharge the immune system (e.g. the High RF Frequency Protocol consultation). On this website, this is called a “liver flush” because the most important parasites are in the liver.

5) You can supercharge the immune system with nutrients. This can also cure cancer though it does not work as fast as some of the other treatments. Many natural plants have been identified which can build the immune system without killing all of the microbes in the bloodstream (or perhaps some of them work by killing microbes in the bloodstream and no one realizes that that is the way they work).

6) You can block the lactic acid cycle with hydrazine sulfate (i.e. hydrazine sulfate) (this is not a direct cure, but it extends the life of the patient so other treatments have longer to work).

7) You can supercharge the non-cancerous cells with nutrients and minerals. Note: this is not a direct cure, but is very commonly used to extend the life of the patient until other treatments can become effective. In fact, it is frequently the first thing that is done. Eniva Vibe is superb at doing this.

A typical cancer treatment will actually do three or four of the above things and maybe all seven of them.

If I were going to use the Bob Beck Protocol I would certainly also use plant and herbal protocols which also help build the immune system, however, I would not use the supplements and herbal products within two hours of the Bob Beck Protocol.

But remember that the Bob Beck Protocol does not start to become effective quickly so it should never be a high priority at the beginning of the treatment.

Cancer is a systemic disease. It is caused by microbes in the organs (which weaken the immune system), microbes inside the cancer cells (which block the production of ATP energy), microbes in the bloodstream (which block the immune system), and so on.

See the Understanding Treating Cancer and Prevent Cancer From Returning articles for more information on how to put together a cancer treatment using this information.

Testimonials & Documentaries:


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